Pope Francis met with the French charitable organizations “Amis di Gabriel Rosset” and the “Foyer Notre Dame des Sansabri”, which Rosset founded in 1950 to help the homeless people of France.

Pope Francis thanked the groups for their commitment to the “poorest”: the homeless, the hungry, and those without work, and “therefore without dignity.”

“Your founder, Gabriel Rosset, had heard the cry of the poor; was shocked at the suffering of others, and responded with generosity,” Pope Francis said. The Pope in serving the poor, they are serving Christ, and that “through them, you meet Jesus.”

“The world today is in urgent need of this witness of Divine mercy,” continued Pope Francis. “In today’s time, the human person is often dismissed as useless…God, on the other hand, always recognizes the dignity and nobility of the child He loves. The poor are favored by the Lord, and are at the center of the Gospel.”

Pope Francis thanked them for their “testimony of mercy”, which through “concrete actions” give people a new hope, and help restore their dignity.

The Holy Father concluded by reminding them to remain firmly faithful to their name, “Notre Dame des Sansabri” [Our Lady of the Homeless], saying the Marian dimension of their work is “vitally important.”

“The Heart of Mary is full of compassion for all people, above all for the poor and disadvantaged, those most in need; and it is her maternal tenderness – together with that of the Church – which is manifested through you.”

The family is a community of love where each of us learns to relate to others and to the world around us.

–Pope Francis

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