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God Knows What You Are Going Through. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your
words be few. - Ecclesiastes 5:2

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"Philippians 4:6"
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Common prayer requests include prayers for healing, health, love, relationships, money, debt, children, jobs, education and other worries.

There is never a charge for this service. We the Daughters of Saint Teresa devoted to pray for your petitions. Post your prayer or pray for the intentions of others.


"Ephesians 6:18"
18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.


Please pray

pls pray for joan w ang oct 15, 1966, that her life will be blessed with the Righteousness of Yahweh. Blood of Jesus Christ sever all her evil ties and clease her of her sin. she will have humility towards others. Hands of God be upon her and her family for their change as God's Will upon them. thank you


Prayer for healing

I most humbly and urgently request in the name of Lord Father Jesus Christ to bless and pray for baby Viraaj so that he can breathe normally and perfectly without any external support. Pease bleed him with normal, healthy and long life. Always in prayer and praise of lord Jesus Christ,rama


Prayer for several concern



Prayer to pass board exam

Good day. Please pray for me for my coming Board Exam this Sept. 1, 2, & 3, 2017. Please help me pray. Thank you and God bless.


Prayer for career

dear all please pray for to get job UAE from last 1 year am searching job till day I didn't got job please pray


Thanks for blessing

Thank you so much Mama Mary Mother of Perpetual Help and Our Lady of Manaog for such a wonderful blessing.Please pray for my pregnancy to be healthy.Whether its a boy or a girl im praying that it would be a healthy baby.Please hear my prayer Father Teofilo Camomot.Amen


Payer to pass licensure exam

Dear Sisters, Please pray for me for the upcoming Pharmcist Licensure Exam this August 30 and 31, 2017. Thank you and God bless.

Kris Dianne D. Bargamento

Prayer for church festival

Please pray for our church Labor day festival to be successful, we get plenty of help,safety for everyone and nice weather! Thank you! I really appreciate your prayers.


Prayer for reconciliation and reunion of family

Please pray for reconciliation and reunion of my family and let God undo the knots in our family life. Give us the hope, love and faith in god and let my wife join in our family life overcoming all forces working against the family and God. Let she understand god's love and the indissolubility of marriage sacrament in leading a family life in Christ.

Nithu Yash

Prayer for healing

Please pray that my sister will be fully healed physically and spiritually. That all treatments done to her for her stage 2b cervical cancer may take effect and result in a cancer free body. That also she may not have any complications.


Prayer for healing

Healing of my broken ankle and spiritual healing amidst all the personal and family trials I am going through

Raymund Jose C. Jeremillo

Pray for us

please pray for us for our health,safeness,and protection.most of all sa akong mga mahal sa kinabuhi hilabi na akong pamilya akong mga anak,akong bana nga toa gawas..og sa akong god parent who is suffering from a cancer now..pls pray for her heal..daghan kaayong salamat..

cherry cuerbo

Prayer for my grandson

Please pray for my grandson who has a disease with no known cure. His name is James beringer and is only 3 years old. We believe that God can do all things. Please please put him in your prayer to not take him from us! We love him so much. We so need his divine intervention.

Ann brammer

Prayer for healing

For the healing of my mother (Patria Reyes) who is suffering from her back pain for many years now and because of this she could hardly walk a distance. Through the intercession of Servant of God, Bishop Teofilo Camomot and the Blessed Mother Mary, and for the glory of God.

Paul Martin Reyes

Prayer request

entae marriage january 2016 aayirunnu.enik eppo 6 month old baby und.babyudae baptism eth varaeyum kazhijittilla.husbandum husbandintae veetukarum baptism function varilla ennu paranju vashiyilla.12th augustinu aa function vaechaekunnath.husbandinum husbandintae veetukarkkum baptism functionu varan thonnikkanum ath kazhijit ennaeyum kuttyaeyum husbandintae veetilaekku kond pokanum thonnikan prarthikannae.baptism function yatoru thadasagalum koodathae bangiyayi nadakkan prarthikannae.praethaekamayi baptism functionu husbandinum husbandintae veetukarkkum baptism function attend cheyan ulla oru manassu thonnikannae.plz plz pray for me.njan bayangara tensionil aa.karanam eth kelkumpo nattukar eganae praethikarikum ennu ariyilla.plz pray for my husband's family.


Prayer for self

please pray for me that i can have peace, contentment in my heart, my life. I am always searching jobs; bouncing around. Please please pray that I can find place of contentment to find structure, consistent peace in my heart In Christ name I send this to you Oh Lord, hear this prayer, let me be grateful that I have 3 jobs; let me trust, believe that YOU Oh Lord will provide a fulfilling position ofr me to use my talent. I love you Lord Jesus


Prayer for sept 2-3 board exam

Prayer for sept 2-3 board exam archbishop teofilo camomot, thanks you po for all the good things that you have given and done to us.Now,I humbly ask Lord God that you will shower me with your grace and divine mercy so that i can pass the sept 2017 ee board exam.LORD I trust in you.To God be the glory.In jesus name. Amen.


Prayer for career

Good Day, May I ask from your gracious ministry to aid in my prayers that my medical exam for a job abroad will be smooth sailing. I pray to God that I do not have any diseases that could hinder me from going abroad. Thank you and God Bless

Ruben James Georfo

Prayer for niece and nephew

Please pray for my niece and nephew, Rachel & matt to conceive, she had two miscarriages and is heartbroken. Please Oh Lord Father, bless them with many children. Heal their hearts Oh Lord, Thank you all for praying, My we trust, believe and have faith that you will bless them abundantly. Amen. Karen Waukesha WI


Prayer request

Dear sisters I beg you to pray for me, I am in a situation where I am loosing hope. I beg you to pray for me, for Justice, Protection both spiritual and physical, as I am being accused wrongly of things I did not do. This situation keeps getting worse and worse and now the ring tightens around me. Please pray that our Lord will place his crown of thrones around me to keep them away. I ask for a true friend, one who will not betray me. Please ask our Lord for a true friend for me someone I can trust.


Prayer for financial blessing

My Wife needs work this week and also we need a financial blessing apart from work.

john & Charlene Belena

Prayer request

Dear all I beg u pls pray this matter daily.. I thank god for all he has done for us in the past and pray that he will intervene to help us heal, remove pride, face up to our mistakes and move forwards as one family who loves respects and cherishes each other. I also pray that He will uphold me as I am feeling very discouraged and unmotivated and sad that I did not know about these past issues which have caused heartache for my son growing up. Pray that he will come to know and love You more with each passing year and that he will grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Please pray him for deliverance from stubborn. I want my Lord show him his salvation and love.


Prayer request

Humbly asking for your prayers in settling my financial obligations in full before Aug.30. For the speedy recovery of my Aunt and nephews and for my promotion.Also our office is in big crisis right now please help us to pray.Thank you.This I ask in Jesus name through mother Mary and St.Theresa.Amen

Verna Santiago

Prayer for John

Please pray for John Lord to wipe away his tears, anxiety , communication and behavioural problems, hurt, jealousy and every evil bindings and to fill him with Holy spirit.Please pray,Lord,to give him a permanent,full time job in the aviation field and wisdom and guidance to do that too.Lord,Let him have faith in you.Thanks

mary K

Prayer for healing

Please pray for my sister, Lynette's healing. She has been diagnosed with stage 2b cancer. Please pray that her body may respond well to the chemo and radio therapy, and that she may soon be cancer free. Thank you.


Prayer for Dad

Pray for my dad be delivered from alcoholism and for hi to get back to church. Pray for his conversion from the bondage of alcohol, irresponsible behavior, abuses and refusing to attend church. Pray for him for his soul be saved. Amen


Kindly pray for him

I request your prayers for my brother Nixon Suares aged 43 yrs who is unwell for many months. He has many health complications. Currently he has a major nasal blockage. Unable to breathe properly. No medication is helping. Even if surgery is done doctors say there is no guarantee. Has landed in hospital twice in two months. He also suffers from a lot of fear and no self confidence. Has no job. We as a family are very worried. Kindly pray for him.

Premila Suares

Prayer for several request

Physical and mental healing. Financial breakthrough and peace. Ruler over an empire. Protection of family.


Prayer for great birthday

Teresa Ngoc Thanh Doan have a great birthday that is filled with happiness, great health, love, safe, successful, more job opportunities, peace, joy, successful


Prayer for family

Praise the Lord! ​Please pray that I can be able to settle in Kerala with my family and get a good job for me and my husband in Kerala. Pray for my best friend he is not talking to me, please pray that he can talk to me ASAP.
We have handed over our son to God i.e. we want to make him priest, please pray for him. Pray for my daughter that she will able to study well as she is not taking interest in her studies. She is in 7th class.

Asha Biju

Prayer request

1. Ang kalag sa akong amahan Anderes Makig-angay, nga tumaliwan na
2. Hikapon unta sa Ginoo ang tuhod sa akong inahan nga si Teresita Makig-angay nga kanunay niyang gipamo hangtu karun, maglisud intawn cya ug lakaw.
3. Kalinaw sa atong nasud.

Alex Makig-angay

Prayer Request

For the conversion and spiritual/ mental healing of Jarad Saron, may Our Lord prepare and open his heart to love again. May he see what an amazing person he is, may he be filled with blessings, may he trust again, love again, believe in life again, and be open to God's will in his life. He is an amazing, loving person but has been hurt too many times and he has given up and is unable to open himself to the idea of having someone in his life. May Our Lord bless me and Jarad if that is his will that we may become one someday. Thank you for your prayers and may God Bless you for your generosity.

Gladys De Santiago

Prayer for marriage

I don't want to lose my wife and she is important in my life and for our son to grow in a good Christian life. I want to change for good and be a good husband and father. Please pray for me marriage to be saved and my wife to have a transformation with our love and peace in family returning. We were a beautiful family. I am responsible for this situation and badly want to restore our marriage to its good old times.

Anish John

Prayer for speedy healing and recovery

Please pray for my mother Teresita Barro for her speedy healing and recovery. Praying too for our family\'s urgent financial needs. And protect us Lord, from the cruelty of Neil Jan and his family. This i pray In Jesus Name. Amen.


Prayer for healing

Pls pray that my daughters speech problem is completely healed right now in jesus name.

Rhea jacob

Prayer for Healing

Please could you pray for Duru Apras, a little girl who has cancer and going through a lot of pain. God bless you.

Gerda Kunz